Bridget Jones:

Mad About the Boy

Samantha Clarke | DoMoreMag - September 23, 2014

Now 51 and as blonde as ever, Bridget Jones is back for the third time lucky, and she’s got her grown up pants on!

I am a massive fan of the Bridget Jones the films, unfortunately I had never got round to reading Helen Fielding’s best-selling novels, which now having read the new book I feel ashamed. When I heard there was a new book coming out, I had no patience to wait for the movie production (or waiting for a movie that may not even be produced!).

Now 51 and as blonde as ever, Bridget Jones is back for the third time lucky, and she’s got her grown up pants on! Mad About The Boy is an honest, realistic look on...(Spoiler Alert) being a widow and a single mum! Yes, that’s right… the perfect Mark Darcy is out of the picture, at first I felt anger – how could Helen Fielding possibly do this to our beloved Bridget? After all that hopeless romance, embarrassing but hilarious attempts to pursue true love, and of course the famously funny Mark v.s Dan stand offs… she goes and kills the perfect husband off!

But let’s face it the book would be pretty dull and quite frankly predictable if it was just Bridget and Mark sailing off into the sunset with beautiful children and the perfect life! Although, I am guilty of liking a good old fairy tale ending, nothing is ever quite like that in reality, sorry to break it to you but, life has complications and this book provides a humorous, authentic outlook and probably for many is quite relatable.

Throughout the book we see Bridget struggling to juggle her two kids and keeping to her important deadlines as a scriptwriter, attempts to regain her figure… all while putting herself back out there in the dating world. Avoiding no disappointment Bridget frequently embarrasses herself, which will make you laugh out loud – whether it’s when she’s trying to impress dates, or her failed attempts of asking strangers to follow her on Twitter. Despite the comedic elements throughout the book there is an underlying sadness of her desperate attempt to cope with grief, moments that will bring a tear to your eye or you’re a wuss like me, sob. But it’s not all doom and gloom, the book is provides inspiring and uplifting look on coping with grief, being a single mother and shows that it is never too late to find happiness.

If you haven’t checked it out already, what are you waiting for? Reunite with Bridget, Dan and her old friends, and be introduced to the new Darcys. I literally could no put this book down… I attempted to read it while cooking dinner and allsorts!