Firth told Broadbent of Darcy death

Press Association – October 4, 2013

Jim Broadbent has revealed that news of Mark Darcy’s death in the latest Bridget Jones book was broken to him by Colin Firth, and hinted that author Helen Fielding had called Colin to tell him his character was for the chop.

As the actor who plays Bridget Jones’ dad in the film adaptations of the first two books, Jim said he was shocked to hear that Colin’s alter ego Mark had been killed off in the third book, Mad About The Boy, due out later this month.

Talking about Mark being killed off, he said: “I know, this is a shock, in fact Mr Darcy broke this news to me himself. He’d just had the call from the writer and he was rather shocked, I must say.”

But he said he hoped that his own character would not meet the same fate and that he could return for another film.

Asked whether he thought there would be a third film, Jim said: “I hope so. I hope that my character is still alive and if he is I hope that he’ll be featured in the film and if he is I hope that I’ll be playing him.”

Jim stars in Le Week-End, a film about a retired couple reviving their marriage in Paris, due out on October 11.