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Bridget Jones's Diary
First Draft by Helen Fielding
20 January 1998

Bridget Jones's Diary
2nd Draft revised by Andrew Davies 
28 May 1999

Bridget Jones's Diary Screenplay
Helen Fielding - Andrew Davies - Richard Curtis
8 May 2000

Bridget Jones's Baby Screenplay
Helen Fielding - Dan Mazer - Emma Thompson

The Bridget Jones's Diary
1999 Diary

Bridget Jones:
This time I really have changed
A short story by
Helen Fielding

Useful Words and Phrases
for Practical Living

by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones's Movie Diary
by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones's
Books Illustrations
by Gavin Reece

Bridget Jones's Diary

Production Notes

Bridget Jones:
The Edge of Reason

Production Notes

Bridget Jones's Baby
Production Notes

Bridget Jones:
The Edge of Reason

"Lonely People" STORYBOARD

Bridget's Locations
by Ian Lewis

Authenticity, Convention,
and Bridget Jones's Diary

by Alison Case

Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy:
Art Imitating Art... Imitating Art

by Cecilia Salber

The Marriage Mystique
by Daphne Merkin

Contextualizing Bridget Jones
by Kelly A. Marsh

Lust Actually:
Bridget Jonesís Men

By Madelyn M. Ritrosky-Winslow

Bridget Jones's Diary Review
Modern Language Studies
by Robert F. Scott

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