Bridget Jones:

Mad About the Boy

Reviewed by Helen Rogan | People - October 2013

“Am horrible failure, revolting, old and crap with men.” Bridget’s back! And as irrepressible as ever, but things are very different now. She’s 51 (gaah!) and a widow (sob! Goodbye, Mark Darcy/Colin Firth). A lonely, stressed-out mom of two, she’s confronting a family head-lice situation that threatens her impending romance with a “toy boy” she’s met on Twitter. Yes, Bridget has changed her dismal (Born-Again Virgin) status via the scary world of online dating, and she’s in turmoil. Repentant after masses of sex and drunken Twitter over-sharing, she comforts herself with grated mozzarella, her adorable, vomit-prone children and cockeyed attempts at self-improvement. (“Be calm smiling goddess of light.”) To her amazement, she somehow becomes a Power Mother after writing a screenplay and… do you really need to know more? Bridget’s a charmer; you just want her to be happy. And she will be, even with cupcake smeared on her coat. As for the book, it’s over the top and unbelievable, but so what? It’s also sweet, clever and funny. Yay, Bridget!